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Event Complex System Solution

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Digital Signage + Live Camera Feed + Advertising

Recently, a customer came to CE labs with a design proposal of placing digital signage into a large event complex. The customer required digital signage information display on all screens in the complex as well as the ability to switch to a live camera feed.

CE labs was able to develop a cost effective design that met all the customer’s needs and provided additional useful features.

Event Complex Diagram

In the installation, CE lab’s QM102 Dual Channel 1080p QAM Modulators were used in a cable head-end configuration, to produce a cost effective RF distribution source. The QM102 was used to broadcast camera feeds throughout the complex. We also fed one channel of the QM102 with a MP700R digital media player, to broadcast digital menu boards to the concession stands for cost reduction.

Note: Several QM102’s can be used on the RF network, at the same time, to scale the system to your needs.

In each of the Concession Stands and Concourse Areas, television monitors were tuned to the appropriate QAM television channel to deliver the desired content.

Each of the Private Suites were setup not only show the camera feeds, but to also broadcast suite owners’ advertising to their customers attending the event. This is done by the way of a MP700R-T media player with tuner. The system was programmed to broadcast full screen ads into the suites until event start time. The system will then switch to a live camera feed, either full screen or wrapped with custom advertising, depending on what the suite owner would like to see.

The entire system is fully controllable and could be monitored from any location with a network connection.

If you have any questions about these products or any other CE labs products, or if you would like to speak with us about your custom application, please fill out our Contact Form or call us at (800) 767-6189.

CE labs Products Used:

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New Series 7 4k 60Hz Digital Signage Player – AP74-4k

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CE labs®/Cable Electronics, Inc. Announces A New Series 7 4k 60Hz Digital Signage Player – AP74-4k

GARLAND, TX – August 14, 2014 – CE labs®/Cable Electronics, Inc. introduces the new AP74-4k, the latest network-ready 4K 60Hz digital signage player with HDCP 2.0, HDMI v2.0 and GPIO. The AP74-4k comes packed with a powerful quad-core processor that allows for true 4K resolution 60Hz ultra high definition playback using the HEVC codec h.265. The AP74-4k is network-ready via ethernet and is also integrated with auto-adjustable WiFi dual-band capabilities which can support both 2.4G and 5G wireless networks. When a network is not available, removable USB drives can be used to play content.

A robust OS is installed on the AP74-4k that comes with popular features such as auto-play, touchscreen support and GPIO. General GPIO functions include the ability to program volume, play/pause/skip/stop as well as activate playlists from assigned directories which give an added layer of depth to 4K TV user experience applications. Toslink optical SPDIF audio support is integrated and may be toggled with HDMI through GPIO making the AP74-4k an ideal solution for sound bar demos and POP kiosks.

“We made sure the AP74-4k is packed with many functions and features right out of the box”, Eric McCready, Vice President of Sales stated. “It’s important that we have an economical 4K digital signage solution that can be used in a diverse range of environments, more specifically retail, POP and sound bar applications. The AP74-4k delivers on all accounts.”

The AP74-4k also comes embedded with Bluetooth 4.0 allowing for personal area networks and communication with smartphone and tablets; excellent for individual presentations when highlighting a specific in-store product or service to customers and clients.

Support for HTML5, CSS3 and Jquery content give the AP74-4k added flexibility for easily updating digital menu boards and is fully compatible with QuickSign Pro Designer, a free HTML5 layout and content management software tool.

“We have had a remarkable response with QuickSign Pro Designer for digital menu board applications and content management over a local area network. The AP74-4k being fully compatible strengthens our product portfolio and gives us more tools to work with on the creative side.” said Tony Smith, Creative Director.

A solid-state device that provides higher reliability out in the field, the AP74-4k also has 3D playback support and provides 80% lower power consumption than that of comparable PC-based digital signage appliances.

The AP74-4k, which can be custom configured to project requirements and ready for installation, is available now.


AP74-4k Features:

  • Powerful Quad-core CPU allows for true 4k Ultra High Definition playback – 3840 x 2160
  • HEVC decode h.265 for true 4k playback
  • h.264 codec support at both 4k and 1920 x 1080
  • Toslink optical audio support
  • Network-ready over ethernet or wirelessly with integrated 5G WiFi Dual Band
  • External 8-button GPIO custom programmable functionality (optional) – Volume up/down – Play/stop/pause – Activate playlist – Toggle HDMI and Toslink audio connection
  • Embedded Bluetooth 4.0 allows devices to exchange data creating a personal area network(PAN)
  • Supports HTML5, CSS3 and Jquery content
  • Removable USB/TF media cards can be used when a network is not available
  • Can be custom configured to project requirements and ready for installation
  • No moving parts provide higher reliability out in the field
  • 80% lower power consumption than that of comparable PC-based digital signage appliances
  • Touchscreen support
  • HDCP 1.4 and HDMI v2.0
  • 3D playback support
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