Shorthand for HDTV high-definition video mode
3D Ready
Digital media players that can operate and stream content in 3D mode screens
Audio/Video Distribution
Distribute HDTV and analog television signals from any single A/V source to multiple television receivers with minimal voltage overhead and crossover distortion
A/V or AV Distribution
Short for Audio/Video Distribution
Bit rate

A way to effectively measure bandwidth. Bit rate is measured in bits per second
Bitmap or .bmp
A JPG, GIF, TIFF type file that can be viewed in any type of internet web browser
BPM or Beats Per Minute
Tempo measurement for music and sound

Cable lines used to connect display to computer, power, and internet sources
Compact Flash Card
Mass storage device format used in portable electronic devices
Component Audio/Video Distribution

Components provide high level performance for broadband dual current feedback on amplifiers
Composite A/V Distribution

Composite accept baseband composite A/V signal via RCA type cable from any source and distribute it at a true one to one signal ratio to multiple displays
Contrast Ratio
Ratio of the luminance of the brightest color (white) to that of the darkest color (black) that the system or device is capable of producing
Digital Media
Video, sound, pictures, and text that is downloaded or streamed over a WAN or LAN
Digital signage infrastrucutre including hardware, software, and connectivitiy that is purposefully designed to host, support, and broadcast video, image, and audio media files with the objective to entertain, inform, and educate a targeted audience
Products that allows extension of high quality transmission signals and video continuity across long distances
General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO)
Interactive functionality in digital media players to allow viewers to interact with push-button control giving them the power to view content that they desire
HTML5 templates

Browser compatible HTML5 templates for multilayered content layout on 1080p displays
Input Voltage
DC power supply source specification
A compression type for still image files
Local Playback
Files that exist and play on a local computer as opposed to an external source
Refers to size of data that can be stored on device
PowerPoint Templates
Microsoft PowerPoint templates compatible for 1080p display screens
Real Time

Live broadcast of digital media playlist
Electrical signal characteristcs such as voltage level, signaling rate, timing, voltage withstand level, short-circuit behavior, and maximum load capacitance
Screen Resolution
Media size in pixels on tv display

Splits one digital coaxial cable single into multiple signals, each carrying a selected frequency range
Allows any source to be displayed on multiple displays at once
ATSC tuner integration to stream media from your favorite channels to be displayed in any digital system
External drive for storage and upload of files to any device
Working Temperature
Fahrenheit degree temperature at which device can be operated without possible damage
Zip (.zip)

A data compression format that holds multiple large files in a directory for download