CE labs/Cable Electronics, Inc. will be an exhibitor at infoComm12

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GARLAND, TX. April 2012 – CE labs®/Cable Electronics, Inc. an industry-leading technology innovator of audio/video electronics and digital signage systems, formally invites all dealers, integrators, installers and sales professionals to Booth #N2748 at InfoComm 2012 in Las Vegas, NV, for an unveiling of a groundbreaking new product that further establishes CE labs’ leadership and forefront position in the A/V and digital signage industries. The company is poised once again to deliver to installers, integrators and resellers unrivaled audio/video options and the latest in digital signage technology.

“We are reshaping the way digital signage applications are integrated into environments using economical, quality and innovative yet practical products and solutions allowing our customers to bring bigger and more immersive experiences,” said Tony Smith, Vice President of Marketing and Creative Direction. “CE labs is the irrefutable leader in custom audio/video technology and digital signage systems for retail environments with over 25,000 digital media appliances in the field for that industry alone; and we are the only company that can provide an end to end solution today,” stated Eric McCready, Vice President of Sales and Operations.

“We’ve managed to expand what is possible in the retail environment and deliver that same cutting edge approach to all industries be it POP, hospitality or small professional offices. Moreover, we explain our approach in bite-size palatable pieces for everyone to easily understand and digest.”

In March 2012, CE labs also announced the MP75 1080p stand-alone digital media appliance with push-button functionality. The MP75 is the newest addition to the CE labs product line that shows what is possible when creative innovations are combined with powerful technology and solid-state housing. “The MP75 has been a firecracker since we released it, mainly because of the amount of features being offered at a great price point,” Eric McCready explained. “I’m looking forward to showing it at InfoComm to others up close that have yet to get a chance to see it.”

CE labs/ Cable Electronics, Inc. Announces MP500M With ATSC RF Modulator

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CE labs®/Cable Electronics, Inc. an industry leading technology innovator of audio/video electronics and digital signage systems, today announced it has released the MP500M with an integrated ATSC RF modulator. The MP500M is designed for retailers who are operating through legacy RF coaxial distribution and has a fully agile UHF modulator compatible with standard ATSC Video and Audio transport streams. “With over 7,600 MP500R units currently out in the field in retail chains, we knew that some of the stores would still be using the RF platform and in turn, we designed the MP500M in order to integrate a single solid-state solution that is fully prepared for future plans involving a component and HDMI upgrade,” Eric McCready, Vice President of Sales, explained.

The MP500 series is a durable high definition network appliance capable of 1080p playback. The MP500 allows playback of WMV, MPEG-2 and h.264 file formats in an integrated play list that can be configured for programmable durations, scheduled and looped functions while supporting multiple play lists. To find out more information about the MP500 series or other digital signage appliances, content management software or 1080p content creation call us at 1.800.767.6189, visit us at www.celabs.net or email us at digitalsignage@celabs.net.


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CE labs is proud to announce its revamped website – www.celabs.net. The fresh new website, built on Warp Theme framework, embodies the company’s forward–thinking vision and commitment to the growing needs of its customers and partners.

Taking full advantage of modern web technologies, the new site uses the latest in HTML 5 and CSS3 web development. The new development approach makes the site faster and lightweight for optimized load times due to file magnification, Gzip compression, data URIs and image sprites. Cross-browser support is essential to a successful site and the new CE labs site works smoothly with all modern browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and IE 7/8/9.

See what’s new! “Some of our main objectives we feel we have accomplished with the new site was to simply make it more user friendly, easier to search for specific products and information related to our products as well as allow users to purchase our products online conveniently,” states Tony Smith, V.P. Creative Director for CE labs. With new navigation tools put in place users will find it easier to access information and specifications on individual products and large scale systems.

The new website offers users more photos and videos on CE labs products and services for both Audio/Video and Digital Signage applications. Visual elements incorporate deeper colors and graphics in order to promote and maintain the unique identity of the CE labs brand. “Aesthetically, our goal for the new website was highly focused on creating balance and unity throughout the site giving it a harmonious marriage of information and style”, commented Kim Do, Art Director for CE labs.

New website features include expanded video content and streaming media compatible for smartphone and 1080p formats. The What’s New section points out new functionality and walks users through interface options that have been improved or newly added.

Below is a short list of new features and functionality added to celabs.net:

  • Improved streamlined search functionality for products
  • Intuitive navigation options utilizing breadcrumbs
  • Featured Products section on the home page highlighting specific CE labs products
  • Web/Smartphone-friendly product videos and photos that can easily be downloaded or viewed
  • What’s New walk-thru section explaining new functionality and content on the site
  • Where to Buy Online page that helps users locate resellers or make purchases online
  • Centralized location for all communication channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube
  • Product case-study tie-ins for both A/V and Digital Signage applications

Currently featured on the redesigned homepage of celabs.net is the new line of all-in-one digital media players. Find out more about the all-in-ones and experience all the new features and functionality of the CE labs website by visiting www.celabs.net.

CE labs introduces full HDMI Conversion Scalers

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CE labs continues to expand its product line throughout 2011 with the introduction of three new products in the Scaler and Converter line. Whether you need component, composite or VGA signals to convert to an HDMI output, we have just the product to cater to your needs. The HSC20 Component to HDMI Scaler converts HD component video (Y-Pb-Pr) and Left and Right Audio signals to an HDMI output. The HSC20 Scaler permits any source with any range of component video to be viewed on any HDMI display. The HSC14 composite/S-video and stereo audio to HDMI 1080p Scaler scales Composite Video or S-video to HDMI 720p and full 1080p. The HSC14 benefits the security industry by allowing cameras with composite or S-video outputs to be upscaled to HD for complete clarity in picture quality. The HSC16 VGA to HDMI Format Converter will convert a PC VGA and Audio to HDMI, with the benefit of connecting the PC to a 1080P HDTV. The HSC16 does not scale the video, it simply transfers the signal from the device to the HDMI display. The HSC16 supports multiple resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 @ 60Hz. Contact your CE labs representative to find out which Scaler/Converter is best suited for your project.

New CE labs HDMI Extenders Receive Positive Response

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At CE labs, we pride ourselves on being the industry leader of high-quality, audio/video distribution products and electronic merchandising solutions. We know that saving time and money is what matters most to you and your customers. No other products prove this more than our recently-released HDMI CAT6 extenders. The HX1K-3 HDMI CAT6 extender provides continuous 1080p HDMI distribution through a single, cost-effective CAT6 cable – extending an HDTV signal up to 328ft. This eliminates the need to pull more cable. We also offer a more advanced solution with the HM1CK-3. This product features Bi-Directional RS-232 that allows local interfaces to communicate with central controllers. Another function of the HM1CK-3 is the ability to utilize full Bi-Directional IR control. We realize that this technology is still new to most people and have been commended for our technical support regarding the implementation of these products. CE labs dealers and integrators recognize the real and positive difference our HDMI extenders offer in the A/V industry and are voting with their frequent purchases accordingly. Due to the overwhelming response of these easily integratable extenders the hardest part of our job lately has been keeping these products in stock. However, we still manage to ensure customers’ needs are maintained in an effective and timely manner. If you would like to learn more about CE labs HDMI extenders or find out how you can become an authorized reseller for CE labs, contact Eric McCready, Vice President of Sales, at (800) 767-6189 or email him.