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AV501HDXi: 1x5 Component A/V Amplifier


AV501HDXi: 1×5 Component A/V Amplifier

The AV501HDXi 1×5 Component A/V amplifier, compatible with all HDTV component video signals, distributes one high definition source to five different locations without any signal loss. The amplifier also supports composite video and digital audio.

The AV501HDXi incorporates isolation circuitry on the input connectors that helps to eliminate AC hum bars associated with ground loops. The ground connection on the inputs is isolated by a high impedance that effectively breaks the AC ground loops.

  • Eliminates hum bar problems
  • Effectively breaks AC ground loops
  • Includes input ground isolation circuitry
  • True one-to-one signal ratio
  • Distributes a Video/Audio source to multiple outputs without signal loss
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