• HS103
  • HS103


CE labs HS103 is a three-input, one-output HDMI switcher. It allows switching of three Smart function (auto switching) HDMI inputs to the output. You can also use the selection button on the front panel to choose the input you want to select. The HS103 has equalization and amplification, to ensure HDMI signals transmission through long cable without quality loss.

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  • Feature Icons

    • 3 in 1 out Auto Switch
    • HDCP compliant
    • Works with XBOX 360, PS3, Blu-ray Players and Apple TV
    • Automatically switches to active source
    • No AC adapter needed
    • Manual source selection switch
    If your HS103 does not auto-switch, chances are the HS103 IS NOT BROKEN. The HS103 monitors the HDMI port for activity and some video equipment, ie…. satellite receivers, cable boxes, dvd players, etc., merely enter a sleep mode when powered down. This mode may leave the HDMI port enabled with a black screen being output. If the video equipment in question does not truly turn off the HDMI port, then the HS103 will not switch from that device to a new source.
    To troubleshoot this problem, simply disconnect the AC power to the video equipment that you wish to unselect. If the HS103 then switches to the new video equipment (that is powered on), it is highly likely that the unplugged equipment is not implementing the HDMI port properly. Contact the manufacturer of this equipment to see if there is a firmware update to resolve the issue.
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