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The DVP212 9 Output Display 4K2K/30 Input Video Wall Processor (12 Output Display optional) has been tested for conformance to safety regulations and requirements, and has been certified for international use. However, like all electronic equipment, the DVP212 should be used with care. Please read and follow the safety instructions to protect yourself from possible injury and to minimize the risk of damage to the unit.

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  • Feature Icons

    • Up to 12 DVI outputs from 640x480 to 1920x1200
    • Supports input rotation, PIP, side-by-side (PAP), full screen modes and adjustable size & position through softwareed or progressive
    • Each DVI output has an independent controllable display area
    • Image parameters and layouts are automatically saved in flash non-volatile of the device and can be recalled for later use
    • Several image parameters and layouts can be saved in computers and can be loaded for later use
    • Firmware upgradable for support of new features and technology enhancements
    • HDMI input # 2 Support input resolution up to 4K2K@30Hz, HDMI input #1 up to 1080p/WUXGA
    • Supports DVI/HDMI, VGA and Component input format from 640x480 to 1920x1200, interfaced or progressive
    • Can be cascaded to obtain more displays
    • Advanced video de-interlacer for improving 480i and 576i SD video input
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