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QMPro 1100

  • Single channel Encoder / Modulator
  • Stream over existing Coax
  • Distribute 1080p to unlimited TVs
The QMPro 1100 is part of CE labs® technology series of encoders/modulators that converts Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) Standard and High definition video and audio signals to a QAM RF output. Perfect for multi-video distribution solutions in the commercial and institutional markets (hotels, motels, sports bars, restaurants, hospitals, casinos, business and university campuses, etc.), as well as home entertainment systems.

  • Feature Icons

    • HD RF Distribution allows unlimited displays over any distance
    • HD Video/Audio Distribution over Coax
    • 1080p/i, 720p, 480p/i Output (1080p h.264 only)
    • Mini DIN cabling connection for DirectTV interface
    • Front-panel Controls, LCD Display for easy setup
    • Web-based Management Software
    • Auto Input Detection
    • Audio Output with tunable Delay to match video
    • RF Gain Control, +25 to +45 dB mV Output
    • Clear, clean picture on high motion media(Movie, Sports)
    • MPEG2, MPEG4 (AVC Only) Video Encoding
    • QAM 256 for bandwidth efficiency
    • Audio Codecs MPEG2 Layer II/AAC/AC-3 Pass-through
    • Supports Dolby Digital Pass-through
    • 42dB signal to noise ratio
    • Emergency Alert System & Closed Captioning compatible
    • VCN (Auto Major & Minor), Manual (Major & Minor), Manual (One Part)
    • Easy integration with CE labs Media Players: MP800T, MP700T
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