Fixture Application

Client: Madix, Inc.

Objective: Madix is a fixture company looking to showcase their Easel™ SB, a shelving unit capable of video playback, sensory functionality and colorful graphics installation – using a golf concept.

Strategy: In addition to CE labs® All-in-One Digital Media Player and 7-inch LCD screen, another important factor in the campaign is eye-catching content that draws customers in. After our field research of a national golf store, we discovered avid golfers/shoppers peruse the store to find new products as well as gather information on improving their game. TV screens offered ads after ads of general products, but few presented customized content relevant to each customer.
The idea was sparked to create a shelving system that allows customers to decide what content they want to see, when they want to see it. The final shelf features modern graphics, five push-buttons that correspond to a variety of golf-related content (golf tips, ball-fitting, pop ad, etc.) and motion sensor.

Results: Madix successfully demonstrated the interactive abilities of their shelves along with a concept that applies to multiple product categories.

TV Wall Display

Client: Reflect Systems

Objective: Reflect Systems, a full-service provider of in-store digital media solutions, needed several videos for a digital signage expo demonstration.

Strategy: As their company description suggests, Reflect is a full-service company, and they wanted to convey this fact especially at the demo. As part of the campaign, we showcased how Reflect works with CE labs® to provide a complete digital signage solution that includes hardware, software, and high-quality content.
In addition to the collaboration aspect, Reflect wanted to demonstrate how the systems work in specific environments. With this mandate, we came up with a video series that creatively explains how the multiple components work in different commercial environments.

Results: Reflect’s presence was certainly felt at DSE 2011. Bold colors and clean animations captivated the audience; and more importantly, had them sticking around for inquiries.

Corporate Communications


Client: Lineage Power

Objective: Lineage Power, a company focused on Total Efficiency™ power conversion solutions, needed a company overview digital signage piece for a lobby environment.

Strategy: Lineage Power wanted to sufficiently cover the products and services offered by their company, but in a simplistic manner. In other words, a video that is as efficient as their products. The main stipulation was a quick turnaround time. Using a pre-existing PowerPoint show, we extracted and recreated text and graphics optimized for video-content creation.
Even with smaller projects, it is still important to maintain a high standard of quality. We created a video with crisp presentation and effective message delivery.

Results: Lineage Power utilizes the overview video in their business locations and as a powerful marketing piece.