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CE labs is back from GlobalShop 2009

Written by Blaine Semple on . Posted in Press

We have returned from Las Vegas for the 2009 GlobalShop Expo on March 23rd-25th. We spent all three days educating, informing, and showcasing the best in digital signage standards to attendees from all over the world.
With companies feeling the effects of the global recession, we at CE labs® were ready to show GlobalShop how far a small, effective budget can take you. Eric McCready, Business Development Manager, described this year’s show as low in attendence, but high in quality. It seems as though even GlobalShop felt the financial ripples.

CE labs Booth Highlights

Fully Customizable In-line Kiosks:
As previously mentioned, our partnership with MADIX Store Fixtures and have been very positive and our In-line Kiosks have caught some attention recently. Specifically, this weekend we found that even major advertising agencies and POP companies have growing interest in moving their clients into digital signage and need help doing that. “A lot of major brands looked our way. They’re wanting to use the In-line Kiosk to launch new product lines, directly at POP,” explains VP of Sales and Marketing, Mike Shaw. “The idea of having your digital signage message right where the product is, is very popular right now.” So what kind of businesses benefit from these kiosks? Everyone. From pet supplies to dessert wines, the In-line Kiosk is ideal for any business looking to give the customer a library of information at their fingertips.
Digital Signage for the Simple Guy:
We showcased our latest in digital signage, including easy-to-learn instructions brought to you by “Digital Signage for the Simple Guy.” This all-in-one package makes digital signage very simple for any user, big or small. The Simple Guy was a big hit with attendees and garnered positive reactions overall. “People really liked the idea of a simple, all-in-one package,” says Technical Support Director Matt Kenney. With hard economic times threatening the way we ordinarily do business, CE labs® has come up with a cost-effective, simple solution for the transition to digital signage. We’ve already touched on the economic advantages of digital signage with CE labs®, but practicality and usability is a huge factor in implementing a new system across your business. Digital Signage for the Simply Guy was at the Expo, showing attendees just how easy it is to implement digital signage into their business. So why did CE labs’s message stand out from all the rest? “Because we demonstrated it in a very practical, general message,” says Matt. The Simple Guy was just a better explanation of the digital signage system.
Digital Signage and CE labs®:
Many attendees discovered that CE labs® is the one stop place for entire digital signage package. From digital media players to content management, CE labs® demonstrated the ease of the entire system at this year’s GlobalShop. Eric McCready comments, “This year’s attendees were a lot more educated; they already know what they are looking for.” He goes on to explain that the digital media players MP400A and HD300ZX were very popular requests. “With their HD and multi-layering capabilites, these two players really fit the needs of each business.” “Content Creation has never been easier,” says Eric. With CCM Enterprise and QuickSign, CE labs’s very own content management software, anyone can create their own digital signage right at home. Content management was also a popular discussion at GlobalShop and CE labs offerssolutions for the do-it-yourself crowd as well as for those looking for professional content creation, provided by CE labs’s very own in-house design team.
“We found ourselves educating,” says Eric, “Not everyone in the retail industry is a digital signage whiz, that’s why CE labs® and the Simple Guy are here to help them through it, step-by-step. There is such an interest in digital signage, but also much confusion. People wanted the technology, but didn’t know where to start. I feel we successfully broke it down for anyone to understand.” With small business transitioning into the digital era, CE labs® is here to assist in complementing or even completely overhauling existing marketing campaigns with new, state-of-the-art methods to reach desired audiences. We think this is a new step in the right direction.

GlobalShop 2008: CE labs Presence Causes a Sigh… of Relief

Written by Blaine Semple on . Posted in Press

CE labs descended on the Windy City this past week for our third annual exhibition at the Global Shop 2008 trade show.

“This was our most successful year to date,” said Vice President of Sales, Mike Shaw. Our hottest item was the Digital Signage Simple Set which offered a simple solution for anyone wanting to implement this cutting edge technology.

Shaw described the trade show as ‘a sea of overwhelming, complicated components’ when it came to Digital Signage. “Our competitors were offering Digital Signage but it was piece meal,” said Shaw. “Being a relatively new technology, there is confusion as to how it (Digital Signage) functions and what is needed to get up and running.”

To address this need, CE labs featured a simple solution: Digital Signage as a package. The technology and all its components were displayed in a straightforward design that allowed even the novice to better understand Digital Signage.

“We found ourselves educating,” said Shaw. “There was such an interest in Digital Signage, but also confusion. People wanted the technology, but didn’t know where to start. I feel we successfully broke it down and made it palatable.”

CE labs’ Digital Signage Simple Set provides the display, hardware, software and creative content required for implementation. We have addressed the need for a simple, cost effective Digital Signage solution as debuted at Global Shop 2008.